SEO Marketing Services
In North Dakota

SEO Marketing Services in North Dakota

North Dakota is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States with a population of approximately 770,000 people. While North Dakota’s economy is primarily based on agriculture and energy, many businesses in the state also rely on digital marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization (SEO), to promote their products and services online. SEO is a cost-effective way for businesses to improve their online visibility and drive traffic to their websites. By targeting specific keywords and optimizing their website content, businesses in North Dakota can improve their search engine rankings and attract more potential customers.

SEO marketing services in North Dakota can help businesses improve their online presence and achieve their marketing goals. A professional SEO agency can provide businesses with a comprehensive SEO strategy that includes keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and content creation. By working with an SEO agency, businesses in North Dakota can ensure that their websites are fully optimized for search engines and provide a seamless user experience for their visitors. Additionally, an SEO agency can help businesses track their website’s performance and make data-driven decisions to improve their online marketing efforts over time.

One of the benefits of SEO marketing services in North Dakota is that they can help businesses reach a wider audience beyond the state’s borders. With the right SEO strategy, businesses can attract potential customers from all over the world who are searching for products and services that they offer. This can help businesses expand their customer base and increase their revenue over time. In addition, SEO is a long-term strategy that can provide businesses with a sustainable source of online traffic and leads. By investing in SEO marketing services, businesses in North Dakota can stay ahead of their competition and establish a strong online presence that drives growth and success.

What is SEO, and how does it help your business in North Dakota?

SEO is short for search engine optimization and entails optimizing one’s website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing (3 major search engines).  We are all familiar with Google and how to search on Google. And we all know that when Google lists the websites with the information we are looking for – we generally click that listing. More than 90% of people click on listings below the ‘ads’ which is called organic listings because Google list your website for free based on relevance i.e.: relevant to the keywords one searched for, as well as the content on your website and traffic (together with how your website is optimize – SEO)

When a website is listed on the 1st page on Google, you get:

  • More exposure of your business
  • Drive more traffic to your website.
  • Attract potential customers.
  • Drive more sales.
  • Builds online brand awareness.
  • Builds credibility.
  • Position your brand/website as a market leader.

And if your website is ranking for a few keywords, it builds the credibility of your service offering as well as your company, and people tend to believe (perception) that your business is the best in the industry – this automatically drives more people to your website, and we then entice them to fill in an online form where you can easily make contact to them.

Some Statistics about SEO Digital Marketing North Dakota.

There are about on average 42 times more people searching on Google for your products and services than if you had to put an ad in the newspaper – our analysis proves this.

With SEO, we target those that are looking for your products and services – therefore it is much easier for them to convert into sales than trying to entice someone to take up your product, i.e.: no hard sell whatsoever.

How does SEO work and what is the process in North Dakota?

SEO is not an overnight sensation where you will see success the very next day. It generally takes about 3 to 6 months according to Google (which is stipulated in Google’s disclaimer), for them to index/crawl your website and then assign your website a rank – we tend to do this much faster, however ranking is dependent on your industry type, a number of competitors etc. and we can’t tell you when your website is going to rank (nobody can) as we are all at the mercy of Google (who will never disclose this info) and nobody knows for sure! Some of our clients rank within a couple of days, sometimes the 1st week while others take a couple of months to rank – all dependant on the Google algorithm, and the indexing schedule – which nobody knows.

SEO needs to be done monthly, which entails continuous analysis, optimization of every web page, website traffic and trends, keyword performance on Google etc. (as per the proposal). The main reason for monthly optimization is that Google changes their ranking algorithm 4 to 9 times daily.

The SEO process would entail us first conducting analysis on your website to see if search engines can easily crawl or index your website, then identifying potential issues with your website from a search engine perspective.

Our SEO process:

  • conducts analysis on the website.
  • conducts analysis on search engines based on certain keywords.
  • looks at the industry type and the competitiveness of that specific industry.
  • analyses direct competitors (from an online perspective) for certain keywords and understand their SEO strategy.

All these insights form our SEO strategy which we then implement and continue to make improvements monthly. This insight also gives us an idea of the amount of optimization we need to do weekly and based on this, we can propose a cost for SEO.

Our SEO processors:

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization is basically optimizing each page and all the SEO elements within that page (there are about 30 checkpoints for each page). The onsite optimization would include the basics like title tags, metadata, h1 tags, alt tags etc. Etc. 

Offsite Optimization

Offsite Optimization is about getting other websites to link back to your website in efforts to build credibility – this we generally start after 6 months. There are many fly-by-night guys that only do this as there are many software systems that spam websites and in the long run your website suffers. Sometimes we don’t even do this step as our analysis will show us that previously another SEO company did this, so we focus on where their website is lacking.

Factors influencing the cost of SEO:

  • Industry type i.e.: insurance industry VS selling plants online.
  • Competitors online
  • Website size (small 5- or 10-page website VS 400-page website)
  • Keywords they want to target, or we suggest they should be targeting.
  • Search volumes of keywords i.e.: keywords insurance is searched for 43 million times a month, would be difficult to rank for.
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